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The Dropoutz®

DRP® X Club Opera Duffel

DRP® X Club Opera Duffel

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Listen the f*ck up, we out here collabing and sh*t. We love the art, music, and inspiration for the culture. I mean, they real ones, but i'll let these muthaf*ckin legends speak for themselves.

Club Opera is a lifestyle brand centered around art, music and night life. Our goal is to create a world people can look to as an escape, as well as an outlet for the deepest or lightest forms of self expression.  Life is a plethora of feelings and occurrences that cause those feelings. We hope that through our content you feel a sense of fantasy as well as that reality.  The good, bad, crazy and unpredictable. That is life, and this is Club Opera .

.: 100% Polyester
.: Black durable straps
.: Small and large size available
.: Custom name tag sewn inside
.: NB! Size tolerance 0.5" (1.3 cm))




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Care Instructions

Wash Cold, Dry Low Heat

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Happy As F*uck

We Happy As F*ck , You Happy As F*ck, They Happy As F*ck, We All Happy As F*ck. Let's pass these good vibes all around our communities, togther we can make sh*it happen. Strong in numbers Happy As F*ck.

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