Jay Royale - Criminal Discourse

Criminal Discourse: A Revival of the Golden Era

A revival of the Golden Era - Jay Royale's Criminal Discourse is another classic.

Underground Hip-Hop

Written by: 500K | July 9th, 2023

Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

Every once in a while, an album emerges from the depths of the hip-hop culture that shakes the very foundations of the genre. Criminal Discourse, the latest masterpiece by Jay Royale, is undoubtedly one such record. From its mind-blowing beats to its thought-provoking lyrics, this album stands tall as a true work of art, destined to leave an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape.

The long awaited trilogy Criminal Discourse from the Baltimore beast Jay Royale straight deaded my headphones, bought’em a coffin, and buried them under a mountain of pure golden era hiphop.

From the very first track, it becomes clear that Jay Royale has carefully curated a collection of soundscapes that defy convention and elevate the art form. The album experience is something like a Martin Scorsese film, leaving you with the uneasy feeling Robert De Niro might off you in a phone booth.

Criminal Discourse is stacked with a supporting cast of true legends that delivers a modern day nostalgia bringing us back to the prime of the hiphop movement with features from culture gods like Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, Styles P, and AZ just to name a few. 

The production on this album is nothing short of extraordinary. Each track is a meticulously crafted soundscape, blending a multitude of eclectic elements, cuts,  samples, and scratches which provide a refreshing departure from the usual sonic palette of mainstream hip-hop.

The beats are both hypnotic and captivating, guiding listeners through a journey that demands their full attention. However, it is not just the exceptional production that sets the trilogy album apart; the lyrical prowess displayed by Jay Royale is equally awe-inspiring. With rugged verses and insightful storytelling, each track carries weight and purpose. The raw emotions poured into the lyrics make every word resonate with authenticity and depth. Royale’s delivery is impeccable, effortlessly riding the rhythm and infusing each line with an unyielding passion that is impossible to ignore.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Criminal Discourse is its ability to elevate an already masterful hiphop album to a cinematic experience, all while maintaining a cohesive narrative. The album delves into themes such as identity, struggle, and resilience, providing a profound commentary on the human experience during a time us old heads can truly relate to. Jay Royale delves into addressing the societal ills of growing up in Baltimore offering a voice to the voiceless and shining a light on the marginalized.

Standout tracks like “Carlito & Klienfeld”, “The Wise & Lakid“, “The Shhh Dialect”, and “End Game” encapsulate the essence of the album. The seamless integration of lyrics and beats creates an immersive experience that draws listeners deeper into the artist's world. From the infectious sampling to the thought-provoking verses, each song has a distinct identity, yet they all contribute to the overall tapestry of the album.

Jay Royale’s ability to balance the cinematic with traditional hip-hop elements is truly remarkable. The album's homage to the genre's roots is evident, while simultaneously pushing boundaries and exploring a cohesive theme of the infamous money phone. It is this delicate balance that makes Criminal Discourse resonate with both longtime hip-hop enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

In conclusion, Criminal Discourse is a true masterpiece. It possesses an indescribable energy that ignites the soul and compels listeners to delve into its rich layers.

The seamless fusion of exceptional beats, lyrics, and thematic depth results in an album that is as captivating as it is enlightening. Jay Royale has cemented his place as a bearer of the cultural flame in the hip-hop scene with this release, leaving us eagerly anticipating his future endeavors. If you're a fan of hip-hop or simply appreciate artistry that pushes boundaries, do not sleep on Jay Royale - Criminal Discourse deserves to be celebrated and cherished for years to come.

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